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The country is trying to get back on its feet after the devastating economic shutdown that was imposed on us as a result of the Coronavirus.  Among the many businesses that were shut down, churches were commanded to  close their doors and engage in live- stream services and the like.  Here in the United States many churches decided to simply stop having services and go to an online experience for their congregations.  As a result, many congregations suffered spiritually.  Corporate worship is commanded in the Scripture for a vibrant and healthy church.  Actually, there really are no exceptions.  We understand that to be “safe” and “careful” to not spread the virus was the logic used for the great shutdown.  Many of you stayed home to be “safe” and to ride this “virus storm” to its conclusion.

We hope that you all can return to a normal corporate worship schedule once again.  Maybe you need to re-commit to being faithful to church as never before.  We hope so.

Since we have “live-stream”  for all of our services anyway, it was no problem for us to continue the services “on-line”.  Burdened to obey the Scriptures regarding the assembly of believers – Cross and Crown Baptist Church never closed the doors.  Although we did instill social distancing protocols, we felt the need to keep the services open for those who could come to worship.  God protected our church family from the virus and we thank Him for that.  We hope to see you sometime in one of our services.

Blessings to you and your family in the precious name of Jesus.

Pastor Davis

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