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As we begin a new month, lets consider what potential this month brings.  First – there are 5 Sundays in the month – one more Sunday to worship and fellowship with the believers and hear instruction from the Word of God.  Because this is a “5 Sunday Month” we  at Cross and Crown observe what we call “Commission Sunday”.  On the last Sunday – the 5th Sunday, March 29th – two things are different around here.  Our lunch (normally served by the ladies), will be made and served by the men!  Then after lunch we will all go out to the community to pass out tracts and invite people to church!  We call this “commission Sunday” so called after the great commission Jesus gave to the disciples.

Second – Daylight savings time begins on Sunday March 8th.  Despite losing an hour of sleep that day, there really is a blessing to consider.  This time change begins to provide us with more daylight time to serve the Lord.  Those who do not drive at night can still come to church in the evening as it gets dark later.  The time change also motivates us to a new beginning in other areas as well.  I like to recommit my schedule and disciplines to the new time change.

Whatever the month of March means to you, remember to faithfully serve the Lord and give Him your best.

Blessings to you and your family in the precious name of Jesus.

Pastor Davis

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