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What a thrill we had yesterday September 13th at Cross and Crown.  We were able to re-aquaint ourselves with a young missionary couple (not mentioning his name for security reasons).  This young couple have been called by the Lord to go to the country of Sri-Lanka.  He presented to us a new concept of missionary understanding called the “forgotten circle.”  This circle is drawn on the map of the world around the area of Sri-Lanka and the surrounding nations.  Billions of people who have never heard the gospel sit in darkness blinded by the influence of Satan.  Because Sri-Lanka does not allow missionaries of any kind into the country, the only way to reach the people is through creative access.  This means they will have to gain entry into the country through secular avenues and then share the gospel through relationship evangelism.

Please pray for this couple as they are at 70% support and are anticipating the opening up of Sri-Lanka to travel.  The Covid situation has locked down international travel up to this point.

I hope and pray your week will be filled with the blessing of the Lord as you serve Him.

Pastor Davis

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