Cross and Crown Staff

All of our staff here at Cross and Crown Baptist Church are elected by the Church, that is the congregation. They are qualified members who are in accord with the Doctrinal statement and standards of Cross and Crown and are walking with the Lord, seeking to do His will, and seek to serve Him in any way they can.


Titus Glenn

Ron Wagner

John Irvin


Joseph Oliver


Ron Wagner

Titus Glenn

Adam Estes

Keith Brown

Joshua Mislan


Becca Estes

Purchasing Agent

Vicki White

Tess Estes

Power Teens (Youth 7-12 grade)

Titus and Brenda Glenn

Power Kids (Junior Church 1-6 grade

Dalton Cummings

Nursery Coordinator

Elisa Witherspoon

Y.A.M.S. Directors

Pastor and Debbie Davis

JOY – Just Older Youth – Directors

Scott and Vicki White

Timeless Treasures (40’s – 50’s fellowship)

Pastor and Debbie Davis

Dramatic Productions

Pastor Davis

Cross and Crown Missions Worldwide (CCMW)

Joseph Davis (Director)

Debbie Davis (Secretary)

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